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About Super 66

What’s super about Super66? Enter the next draw and you’ll find out! With a starting jackpot of $66,000, Super66 is one of the easiest lottery games to play. On this page you can learn its rules and how you can win, as well as explore the different prize divisions and discover your odds of winning.

Draws are held every Saturday at approximately 7:30 PM AEST and 8:30 AEDT.

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Super66 Overview

The Super66 lottery game can be played on its own or it can be added to another game. The games to which it can be added are Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, OZ Lotto, Powerball, and Saturday Lotto. This game is not available in New South Wales.

Why is it such an easy game to play? Participants do not need to make a selection of numbers as they are generated at random.

The price of an entry is $1.15 in every state apart from Western Australia where it costs $1.00.

In order to win a prize, you must match at least the first two or last two digits of the six-digit winning number. These matching digits must be from the start or the back, therefore you do not win a prize if you get the middle digits in the correct positions.

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Super 66 Odds and Prize Divisions

All Super66 prizes are fixed amounts. The starting jackpot is $66,666 and it keeps on rising in case it is not won. However, it only keeps on growing for a maximum of 25 draws before it must be won in the following draw. If no matches all six digits when it must be won, the grand prize is split between players in the highest division in which there are winners. Usually this is Division 2 or Division 3.

Curious to see what prizes each division can bring you? Take a look at the table below and you’ll find out how many numbers you need to match in order to win a prize, the prize amount for each division, and your odds of winning.

The overall odds of winning a Super66 prize are 1 in 50.

Super66 Odds and Prize Divisions
Match Payout Odds of Winning
6 Min. $66,666 1 in 1,000,000
5 $6,666 1 in 55,556
4 $666 1 in 5,556
3 $66 1 in 556
2 $6 1 in 56